5 Best Luxury Watches For Travelers

Luxury watches

When travelling, you should always have your most important things with you. This includes a good travel watch that can keep track of time in different time zones. Find out what else you should look for in a luxury watches for travelling. Here’s a detailed review of 5 travel watches you should consider.

5 Best Luxury Watches:

1. Rolex GMT Master II

This Rolex watch is great for travellers who want to look good and get things done. The Rolex GMT Master II can tell time in two different time zones at the same time. It also has a date function and is water resistant up to 100 metres. The price of this watch is around $12,000. The dial on the GMT Master II can be black or blue. You can spruce it up with a leather or rubber strap for Rolex GMT Master II to make it look outstanding. It’s a high-quality watch that’s made to last and will always tell you the right time, no matter where you are—New York or London.

2. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duoface

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso has been around since the 1930s and has a classic look. The Duoface version of this watch has two dials, so you can keep track of time in two different time zones. Jaeger-LeCoultre can handle water up to 30 metres deep and has a 42-hour power reserve. The price of this watch is about $9,500. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is a beautiful watch that helps travellers keep track of time in different time zones.

3. Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph 5990/1A-001

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is a great watch for travelling that can handle water up to 120 metres deep. The PP piece has a power reserve of 55 hours and two different time zones. It also has a chronograph. It makes sense that this high-quality watch brand is in the “Holy Trinity” of watches. About $200,000 will buy this watch. The PP Nautilus watch is great for people who travel a lot for work.

4. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Worldtimer

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Worldtimer is a stunning travel watch that’s water resistant up to 50 metres. The VC watch has a power reserve of 72 hours and shows the date, day, and night. It also has a world timer. With this model, it’s easy to keep track of 37 different time zones. This Vacheron Constantin piece costs around $40,000. The VC Overseas watch is perfect for a jet setter who wants a stylish way to keep track of the time. It would be a great way to show your love and appreciation to someone who travels a lot.

5. Breguet Hora Mundi 5717

The Breguet Hora Mundi 5717 is a beautiful world timer travel watch. The Hora Mundi model can withstand water up to 30 metres deep and has a 55-hour power reserve. The time in 24 different time zones is shown on the dial. The price of this Breguet watch is about $60,000. If you want a beautiful watch for travelling, the Breguet Hora Mundi 5717 is just what you need.

What to Look for When Choosing a Solid Travel Watch?

When choosing a travel watch, you need to think about a few things, such as:

Who you are as a Traveler?
How often do you go out of town?
Your budget?

If you like to jet set and travel a lot, you need a watch that can keep up with your busy life. Choose a watch that can keep track of more than one time zone and can withstand water. If you only travel once in a while, choose a simple watch that won’t break your budget. Luxury watches can be pricey, so make sure you know how much you can spend before you go shopping.

How to Store Watches When Traveling?

If you want to bring your watch with you on your next trip, you need to know how to pack it properly. Luxury watches are fragile, so they need to be kept somewhere safe. A travel watch case is the best way to store a high-end watch. There are different sizes of travel cases, and they can hold more than one watch at a time. They are great for protecting your investment and keeping your watches in order while you’re on the go.

A watch box is another great thing to think about. You can store one or two watches in a watch box. This gear is small and easy to pack because it doesn’t take up much space. Also, they are lined with soft material that will keep your watch from getting scratched.

Lastly, if you take more than one watch with you when you travel, you might want to buy a watch winder. Watch winders keep your watches ready to wear by keeping the springs wound. They’re great for making sure your watches don’t stop when you’re on the move.

No matter which option you choose, keep your expensive watch in a safe place while you’re travelling. This will make sure that your expensive watch stays in good shape and keeps working right.


Now that you know about the different travel watches from good brands, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for you. Think about how you want to travel and how much money you have when making a decision. You can find the best travel watch for your needs with a little bit of research.

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