The Colors and Patterns of the Season

The Colors and Patterns of the Season

In the fashion industry, color and pattern choices are as important as the designs themselves. The right color and pattern can make a statement, enhance the natural features of a garment and bring a new lease of life to even the most basic designs. As we enter a new season, fashion trends for both colors and patterns are rapidly changing, and there are a few defining looks that are making their mark.

This season, we’re seeing an array of bold colors and statement prints take center stage, with bright hues and intricate prints becoming the must-have for every fashion-forward wardrobe. Whether you prefer the vibrant and bold or more sophisticated and subtle, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll be exploring the hottest colors and patterns of the season.

Colors of the Season


A bold, bright yellow hue is one of the standout colors for this season. Whether it’s a zingy lemon or a warm mustard, yellow is the perfect way to inject some joy and optimism into your wardrobe. Seen on the runway at brands like Balmain, Dior and Bottega Veneta, yellow has been paired with other bright colors for a maximalist statement, or muted with neutrals like beige or white for a more subtle take.


From fiery red to softer shades like pink, this season’s hottest color is all about making a statement. Bold red was seen all over the catwalks, but specifically at Fendi, Alberta Ferretti, and Alexander McQueen, where it was paired with contrasting colors like black or white, or worn head-to-toe for maximum impact. If you’re feeling daring, try matching your lipstick to your outfit for a red-hot look.


Green is making a comeback in a big way, with shades ranging from emerald to chartreuse. This shade was spotted at Oscar de la Renta, Christopher John Rogers, and Michael Kors, where it was paired with other bright colors for a playful feel or muted with neutrals for a more subtle, sophisticated look. This season, we’re also seeing a lot of prints that feature green, like floral and animal prints.


Orange is back and bigger than ever, with fashion houses like Versace, Chanel and Prada all featuring shades of orange in their collections. Whether it’s a burnt terracotta hue or a brighter tangerine, this color is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. Pair it with neutrals or other orange tones for an eye-catching look.

Patterns of the Season


Floral patterns are a perennial favorite for spring and summer, but this year they’re getting an update. Designers like Valentino, Giambattista Valli, and Bottega Veneta showcased bold, oversized blooms on the runway, while others like Dolce & Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta opted for ditsy prints with a vintage feel. Whether you prefer bold or dainty blooms, florals are a must-have for the season.


Stripes are a classic pattern that come back each year in new and exciting ways. This season, we’re seeing stripes in bright and bold colors, as well as more subdued shades. Vertical stripes were spotted at Celine, Balmain and Kenzo, while horizontal stripes were seen at Carolina Herrera and Ports 1961. An easy way to style stripes is to mix and match them, playing with different widths and colors.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are a trend that never goes out of style, but this season they’re taking on a new life thanks to designs by Gucci, Tom Ford, and Bottega Veneta. Think zebra stripes, leopard spots, and snakeskin patterns, but with a modern twist. The key to wearing animal prints this season is to choose one statement piece, like a coat or dress, and pair it with neutrals to balance out the print.


Checks are a timeless pattern that can instantly elevate any outfit. This season, designers like Versace, Burberry, and Miu Miu updated this classic pattern with bold colors and oversized checks. From traditional tartans to gingham, checks are a versatile print that can be dressed up or down. Pair a check blazer with denim for a casual look, or wear a check skirt with a crisp white shirt for a more formal outfit.


Whether you’re a lover of bold colors or playful prints, there’s a trend for everyone this season. By incorporating these bold hues and intricate prints into your wardrobe, you can effortlessly feel on-trend this season. The hottest colors and patterns of the season are meant to be fun and playful and can be mixed and matched to suit different preferences and styles. Experiment with different color combinations and play around with accessories to create your own unique look. The key to embracing these trends is to have fun, be fearless and confident in your style. 

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