Emerging Technology: Pros and Cons

Emerging Technology

The rapid advancement of technology has revolutionized our world in many ways, from communication to transportation, from medical research to social media. But as with any new development, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Emerging technology has both pros and cons that need to be considered when introducing new platforms or devices. In this article, we’ll examine the advantages and potential drawbacks of emerging technology.

Pros of Emerging Technology

1. Improved Healthcare

Emerging technologies continues to revolutionize healthcare, making it easier to diagnose and treat diseases. Technology has provided medical professionals with accurate and real-time data from patients, leading to improved medical decisions and personalized treatment options. Precision medicine, for example, allows healthcare practitioners to tailor treatment based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

2. Enhanced Communication

Technology has made communication between individuals and businesses faster and more efficient. Social media and messaging apps have made it easier to keep in touch with people in different locations, while also simplifying the sharing of multimedia such as images, videos, and documents. Video-conferencing apps like Zoom have also made remote collaboration and meetings more accessible than ever before.

3. Increased Productivity

The integration of technology into work has helped increase productivity and reduce the amount of time required to complete tasks. With task management and scheduling tools, employees can easily manage their workloads and collaborate with others. Smart tools for data analysis have also helped companies make more informed decisions, leading to improved efficiency, profitability and revenue generation.

4. Improved Education

Emerging technologies has improved access to educational resources and expanded learning opportunities. E-learning platforms allow students to access a diverse range of courses, online instructors, and education resources on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been employed to customize and personalize learning experiences, breaking down learning barriers and creating individualized curricula.

5. Modernized Business Practices

Emerging technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate. The digitization of business practices has allowed employees to work remotely, and firms to operate globally. The integration of technology into supply chain management has enabled businesses to manage their inventory, track orders, and monitor deliveries in real-time. Data-driven analytics tools enable decision-makers to optimize their operations and gain competitive advantages.

Cons of Emerging Technology

1. Job Loss

Emerging technology has brought about great automation that has led to job loss. Automation has been used in the manufacturing and retail industries, leading to job loss for thousands of employees. As AI and machine learning gain a foothold in service industries, there is a potential risk of widespread job-loss. Many tech experts believe that as technology improves, more jobs will become automated, leading to the displacement of millions of workers.

2. Disintegration of Family and Social Ties

Emerging technology has led to the disintegration of family communication and social ties. Social media and messaging apps have created a life where often we connect remotely instead of going out with friends or family. The use of technology has replaced human-to-human communication, leading to the breakdown of relationships and the increased isolation of individuals.

3. Mental Health Hazards

Emerging technology has led to the development of addiction disorders, including video-game addiction, internet addiction, and gadget addiction. This has resulted in social, educational, occupational, and family problems. Additionally, the prevalence of cyber-bullying, hate speech, and trolling risks has risen over the years, further contributing to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

4. Cost

The development of emerging technology comes at a cost, both financially and environmentally. As more research, development, and innovation is poured into emerging technologies, the cost to develop new devices and platforms, can often skyrocket. The cost of technology can be very high, putting the latest gadgets and devices out of reach for some consumers or companies. Additionally, emerging technology can have a negative impact on the environment, including e-waste that can be toxic to the soil, water, and air.

5. Security Risks

Emerging Technology has created a new frontier for cyber-criminals, who have become more sophisticated at exploiting vulnerabilities. From software and hardware vulnerabilities to network infrastructure, the emerging technology landscape has become a leading target for cyber-criminals. Emerging technology trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially pose a significant threat to cybersecurity, where machines and devices could become autonomous and breach security.


The rise of emerging technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, technology has brought about positive change, revolutionizing the way we live, work, and communicate.

Emerging technology has improved healthcare, education, and increased productivity. On the other hand, cutting-edge technology has brought forward negative outcomes.

It is imperative that technology development is carried out in a balanced, ethical, and responsible manner. While the benefits of emerging technology are tremendous, its potential downsides must be considered to ensure that humans remain in control and that these innovative devices and platforms are utilized for the greater good.

It is important to consider the pros and cons of emerging technology so that we can make informed decisions about incorporating these technologies into our lives, and help shape and steer the path of the emerging technology for the betterment of society. 

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