BIPOC-Owned Businesses: How to Find and Support

BIPOC- Owned Businessess

The events of 2020 have sparked a significant shift towards promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our lives. For many, this includes supporting BIPOC-Owned businesses.

BIPOC-owned businesses have historically been underrepresented in mainstream marketplaces, often due to systemic racism and discrimination. However, by seeking out and supporting these businesses, we can help build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive economy.

So, how can you find and support BIPOC-Owned businesses? Here are some tips and strategies to help guide you on your journey towards shopping for diversity:

1. Research BIPOC-Owned businesses in your area

The first step in supporting BIPOC-Owned businesses is to find them. A quick Google search can often lead you to directories or lists of these businesses in your region. You can also consult local business associations or chambers of commerce, which may have directories or resources dedicated to BIPOC- businesses.

Social media platforms like Instagram are also great resources for finding local BIPOC businesses. You can use hashtags like #supportsmallbusiness or #buyBIPOC to find business accounts and learn more about their products and services.

2. Look for Certifications and Accreditations

Many businesses have certifications or accreditations that identify them as belonging to a particular minority group. For example, the National Minority Supplier Development Council offers certifications to businesses that are at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by people of color.

Other certifications that you might see include the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (which certifies businesses that are at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by women) and the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (which certifies LGBT-owned businesses).

3. Support BIPOC-businesses Online

E-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify are great resources for finding and supporting BIPOC- businesses. These platforms often allow you to filter your search results to show BIPOC businesses specifically, making it easy to find and support businesses that align with your values.

When shopping online, be sure to read product reviews and check the seller’s ratings to ensure that you’re making a quality purchase. Leaving a positive review after your purchase can also help boost the business’s visibility and reputation.

4. Shop at BIPOC-Owned Businesses In Person

While online shopping provides convenience and accessibility, in-person shopping is a great way to connect with BIPOC businesses and show your support. You can find BIPOC-Owned businesses in your area by consulting local directories, social media, or word-of-mouth recommendations.

When you visit a BIPOC-Owned business in person, take the time to engage with the staff and learn more about their products and services. Small businesses depend on repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth, so your support can make a difference in helping them thrive.

5. Share and Recommend BIPOC-Owned Businesses

One of the most powerful ways to support BIPOC-Owned businesses is to share and recommend them with others. In addition to leaving positive reviews and ratings, you can also talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about the businesses you’ve discovered and encourage them to shop there as well.

On social media, you can use hashtags like #supportsmallbusiness or #buyBIPOC to promote the businesses you’ve discovered. Tagging the business’s social media account and using location-specific hashtags can also help boost their visibility and attract new customers.

Why is Supporting BIPOC-Owned Businesses Important?

Supporting BIPOC-Owned businesses is important because it helps foster a more diverse and inclusive economy. By supporting these businesses, we can help address systemic inequities and promote economic empowerment for underrepresented communities.

In addition to social benefits, supporting BIPOC-Owned businesses can also provide personal benefits. BIPOC-Owned businesses often offer unique products and services that are not available at mainstream retailers. Supporting these businesses can help you discover new and exciting experiences that you may not have encountered otherwise.


Shopping for diversity is about more than just finding and buying products; it’s about promoting equity and inclusion in all aspects of our lives. By seeking out and supporting BIPOC-Owned businesses, we can help build a more diverse and inclusive economy.

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, taking the time to research BIPOC-Owned businesses and share your experiences with others can make a difference in helping these businesses succeed

. Let’s work together to create a more diverse and inclusive world, one purchase at a time.

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